There’s a time and a place for editing and revision, but we believe that time is after the first draft. You can set a word count goal, and Floor 23 won’t let you go back or edit anything until you have reached that goal.

The goal of Floor 23 is to let you keep writing with as little distraction as possible. Our interface keeps you flowing forward while your previous words float away to be dealt with afterward. It’s actually quite addicting.



You never know when inspiration will strike. If you’re on the go, just pull out your phone and write. Floor 23 works great on your phone.

Auto save

In the interest of keeping you moving forward, don’t even worry about saving your work. Just keep writing, and your progress will be saved as you go.

As long as you have an internet connection, you don’t have to worry about losing your progress.


The plight of the hip coffee shop, or trendy open office writer: passersby can see what you’re working on.

With Floor 23, you can write in peace. Anybody looking over at your screen will only be able to see the last letter you wrote.

Cheap as dirt

You can try Floor 23 free for 2 weeks. After that, it’s only $3/month when you pay annually, or $4/month if you pay monthly. That’s less than the cost of the proverbial latte a week.

And, of course, you can cancel any time. It’s easy.


Who is this for?

Novelists, bloggers, columnists, copywriters, songwriters, playwrights, students, or anybody wanting to put their ideas to paper. Figuratively, of course.

If you’re a creative writer, this is the place to write unencumbered, and undistracted.

Can this replace my current writing platform?

Maybe, but probably not.

Floor 23 is about getting as many of your stories and ideas out as possible. It’s not really designed for creating a polished final product.

We have a pretty good editor that you can use for basic editing and formatting, but if you want the power of a full blown word processor or screen writing software, you will probably want to copy your ideas from Floor 23 into another tool.

Will I lose my work when my trial expires?

No. We wouldn’t do that to you.

You’ll have access to the work you’ve written. You just won’t be able to write more without a subscription.

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